Go Off The Grid With Clean Energy

My blog has one primary purpose:

To help people to become energy independent.

I’m also going to include a by-product of energy independence:

To help people become financially independent.

The world presently is mired in last century’s energy paradigm OIL. Oil is a strategic asset that determines both the wealth and security of countries and companies.

Fortune Magazine’s list of the top ten largest companies in the world is topped by Walmart…but, oil companies control the next three slots with a giant Chinese oil refining and gas company, Sinopec, holding the seventh position. Oil companies dominate the list of most profitable companies.

Our modern economy is hostage to big oil. Our need for oil dominates our foreign policy resulting in one costly war after another.

Research discoveries that could actually replace oil have been bought out or repressed by big government in bed with big oil. Of the two, big oil has more money (obvious) and more power than the U.S. government.

My goal is to educate as many people as possible about how to go off the grid and to become energy independent…without composting toilets, 12 volt appliances and underground earth-berm homes.

To do that I will need your help. Stay tuned as I reveal information about my research and development of an aphoid hydrogen furnace that generates superheated steam to power a low cost steam engine with zero pollution and extremely low operating costs.

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