Micro Power vs Macro Power

You know the saying: “Power corrupts…Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”.

I’m proposing a radical idea…return power to the people. But, I’m not just talking about political power. I’m talking about energy.

You are probably not familiar with the Billings Hydrogen powered homestead from 1975. The home was entirely heated and powered by hydrogen. Sufficient hydrogen was generated and stored in hydride storage tanks to power to power a Cadillac and a tractor.

Of note was the fact that there was, practically speaking, zero air pollution. In fact, extensive testing showed that there were fewer pollutants in the car’s exhaust pipe including carbon monoxide and CO2 then in the ambient air. Even nitrogen oxide, a nasty pollutant, was only a minute fraction compared to current gas engines.
If you wish to look at it from another standpoint, hydrogen vehicles were purifying the air. Imagine the impact on a city like Los Angeles if hydrogen powered vehicles dominated the landscape.

But, all this was demonstrated in 1975 and Roger Billings has been working quietly for over twenty years to see his dream of hydrogen power implemented.

One reason we’ve not seen any observable progress in this field is because the political and economic powers have corrupted any progress.

For example, former President George Bush announced his $1.2 billion plan for the Freedom car in his January 2003 State of the Union address. He called for a pollution free car powered by hydrogen fuel cells. It was typical Bush bullshit. Read the fine print and his plan called for generating hydrogen by burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and yes OIL!

Again, the giant energy companies would control the means of production and the nation would still be dependent on high polluting, non-renewable energy sources.

There was no mention of producing hydrogen to store the vast amount of electrical energy that can be generated by modern solar collection grids. The fine print of the government’s plan was to let the energy companies use fossil fuels for 90% of our nations hydrogen production. A tiny 10% would be generated by atomic energy plants. There was no mention of using the sun, wind power or hydro power to generate hydrogen without the side effects of massive pollution of our earth and air.

Current solar technology is sufficient to break down water into its components of pure hydrogen (2 parts) plus one part of pure Oxygen to power both your home and your car.

The key is to efficiently and safely store your hydrogen output on sunny days so that you have a reserve for home heating and power over night and on cloudy days.

Roger Billings converted all the propane powered appliances in his Hydrogen Homestead so that they ran perfectly on hydrogen.

There are many major benefits besides free or almost free energy that you’ll experience with your own hydrogen home.

For example, a hydrogen aphoid furnace combusts pure hydrogen and pure oxygen for a 90% efficiency rating. The output is superheated steam that can be used to drive a steam engine or turbine to spin a large generator. When you combust pure hydrogen and pure oxygen (instead of ordinary air) all NOx pollutants are eliminated. Air contains Nitrogen that when combusted turns into Nitrogen Oxide, a nasty pollutant.

The furnace that I’m building operates in a pressurized, sealed system that does not permit outside air to enter the combustion chamber. The result is a furnace that purifies your household air!

But, even more important than saving money on oil and pollution-free operation is the freedom our nation will gain from being tied to oil. Here’s what we will see happen:

  • Pollution from strip mining, shale fracturing and deep sea oil rigs will gradually become a thing of the past.

    As the nation’s oil vulnerability is eliminated over time our government will have no excuse to meddle in the affairs of the oil producing nations in the Middle East. Once we stop our foreign wars and intrusive military presence worldwide hundreds of billions of dollars will be freed up to deal with the country’s pathetic education system, our roads, bridges and other infrastructure and to support research.

    It all comes down to more freedom, more money in our pockets, and a cleaner and healthier environment. To me that is a WIN-WIN situation worth supporting.

    Oh, and I can hear the objections now…what about all the laid off oil company workers, the gas stations and others in the non-renewable energy industry? Let them work at McDonalds or Walmart like so many of the rest of us.

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