More Oil Than The Middle East?

A friend sent me info about the untapped oil reserves within the continental United States. The reports are talking about 2 trillion barrels of shale oil in the Rocky Mountains and 500 million barrels more in the Bakken find in the western 2/3 of North Dakota , western South Dakota and extreme eastern Montana …… check THIS out:> <>

According to the report: “The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska ‘s Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels.

My friend asked me if I believed it is true that the U.S. has far more oil than all the countries in the Middle East.

My Response
I have a feeling that it is true regarding our enormous
oil reserves…but I believe that the government has purposedly followed a policy of using up oil reserves in the Middle East while leaving our reserves untapped as a strategic stockpile or reserve.

Our government could actually save the dollar if they backed our fiat currency with shares of oil from our reserves.

Of course, you may or may not know that I work in the field of renewable alternate energy and “free” energy.
See or
Our dependence on foreign oil or domestic oil reserves for that matter is contrived. Totally viable free energy inventions have been proven since the time of Nikola Tesla.
The existing energy/oil cartel have resisted efforts to introduce free energy technologies.

For example, in 1957 two Chinese researchers at MIT won the Nobel Peace prize in physics for their discovery regarding harnessing electrical/magnetic energy from the earth’s magnetic field.

I looked this up on Google and it is documented but their research is not taught in graduate schools and the knowledge has lain dormant until now.

Last week I spoke to a man who has just raised a million dollars to support a company that took existing patents and research from the 1957 discoveries and built a practical Magnet motor. It is so efficient that it can power an electric automobile without recharging, EVER.

But, this idea was first invented and built by Tesla who
used it to power a Pierce Arrow (luxury car) by replacing
the engine with a 90 HP Westinghouse DC motor.
The car drew all its electric energy not from batteries
but from “the ether” (actually the earth’s electro-magnetic field).

I wouldn’t have a knee-jerk reaction to blame the environmentalists for the failure to exploit our
existing shale oil deposits. For one thing efficient
extraction of oil is not that easy. New technologies
are changing the equation only recently.

But, the environmentalists are right in the sense that
gigantic ground water tables can easily be ruined by
extracting oil from shale or natural gas as well.
In the future our shortages or choke-point for civilization
will be providing sufficient pure water to populations.

We have the science and existing technology to produce
abundant and unlimited free energy. What we don’t have
is the political and economic will to change the status quo.

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