Thoughts on The Law of The Conservation of Energy

I work with methods to generate Brown’s Gas and to harness it’s incredible energy potential in the most efficient manner possible.

Since I began this research in 2006 (with a ton of reading prior) I’ve heard many vociferous comments like “dude, what you’re trying to do is impossible…haven’t you heard about the Law of The Conservation of Energy?“. The know-it-all, generally speaks sarcastically as though I haven’t bothered to read “the laws of the Universe manual” and there is no excuse for ignorance of “the law”.

Well, first let me point out that every law is made to be broken…frankly, the Universe doesn’t give a hoot about our feeble theories and laws about how we think things work. So, I start from that premise and invariably think outside the box.

You cannot be a genuine scientist if you restrict yourself from acknowledging anomalies encountered while doing research. If you need more info on that subject read my post The Dangers of Dogmatic Thinking”.

But, what these half-baked, self-righteous know-it-alls are missing is that part of the law that states:
The conservation of energy refers to the conservation of the total energy of an isolated system over time (including rest mass energy mc² associated with the rest mass of particles) and all other forms of energy (kinetic, potential, nuclear, chemical, thermal, etc) in the system together.

A consequence of the law of energy conservation is that perpetual motion machines can only work perpetually if they deliver no energy to their surroundings.
OK, sure, that makes perfect sense but you must add the corollary comment: AND, if the perpetual motion machine doesn’t draw unidentified energy from the alleged isolated system.

As early as 1898 Nikola Tesla theorized that virtually everything perceivable to mankind is surrounded and permeated by an invisible “ether”. He concluded that there is no truth to the concept of “empty space or the vacuum of space”. Instead, he proposed that what we think of as an isolated system cannot and does not appear in nature, nor can scientists create such a condition in the lab.

Today, we call the ether of Tesla’s time The Zero Point Field. It is the starting point for modern day quantum mechanics research. And, research into the characteristics of The Zero Point Field indicate that even at zero degrees Kelvin in a vacuum there remains Zero Point Energy but no measurable matter.

Here is how Wikipedia defines it:
Zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have; it is the energy of its ground state. All quantum mechanical systems undergo fluctuations even in their ground state and have an associated zero-point energy, a consequence of their wave-like interaction.

Because of the uncertainty principle, every physical system (even at absolute zero temperature) (emphasis mine) has a zero-point energy that is greater than the minimum of its potential well. Liquid helium-4 (4He) remains liquid—it does not freeze—under atmospheric pressure no matter how low its temperature is, because of its zero-point energy.

Einstein confirmed Tesla’s ideas (about Zero Point Energy) way back in 1913. Many scientists and inventors have demonstrated the possibility of reaching “over-unity” in energy production. These people have discovered some of the numerous ways to tap into the infinite energy sea of The Zero Point Field. To today’s ignorant public, it looks like magic because our scientists have difficulty isolating it.

Final Thought on Brown’s Gas As Fuel For Vehicles
Within a year after I launched my Brown’s gas hybrid conversion web site I began advertising with Google Adwords. It turned out that the public was hungry for this information that had been suppressed by the energy cartel for over a hundred years. I won’t justify that statement in this brief article as it could require a rather large book.

As my site prospered Google took note and one day simply and unilaterally canceled my Adwords account for completely spurious reasons. A naive 23 year old Google acct exec claimed I was running a Phishing site and . She told me that any site that claimed you could run a car on water was putting fraudulent information in front of “their” search engine customers. Then, she had the nerve to tell me “well, why don’t you just find another product to sell that we find acceptable.” Google SIUYA.

Brown’s Gas, when introduced into the combustion process of a vehicle engine acts as a catalyst promoting complete combustion of gasoline and, or, diesel fuel. Tens of thousands of experimenters have demonstrated fuel mileage gains ranging from 25% to 100% including one client who had his Ford F-150 pickup truck dyno tested before and after installing an HHO conversion kit. The truck’s emissions dropped to near zero and his fuel mileage went up a solid 25%.

For more information on converting your vehicle to partly run on water visit my “banned” site at
All The Best!
Dave D.

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