Stanley Meyer’s Invention – Something For Nothing?

This post is an explanation of how the first Law of Thermodynamics, an expression of The Law of the Conservation of Energy, permits over-unity in Stanley Meyer’s hydrogen generation process.

Stanley Meyer’s patents resulted in output energy as much as ten times over input energy. In other words, the process he invented, took distilled water, an apparently harmless and inert substance and, with a relatively tiny application of electrical and other unspecified and/or unidentified energies disassociated distilled water into a potentially explosive, high energy substance called Brown’s gas.

Stanley Meyer gas processor

Stanley Meyer Gas Processor

The First Law of Thermodynamics and Stanley Meyer’s Patents

According to the First Law of Thermodynamics the total amount of energy remains constant over time. This means that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed into a different form.

Electrical energy can be transformed into heat energy, mechanical energy, light etc. for example.

If you believe that, as virtually all scientists have been taught, you might automatically reject Stanley Meyer’s over-unity claims as impossible since you believe you can’t get something for nothing.

This would be a mistake. Why? Simply because Stanley Meyer’s patents went through the most rigorous of all patenting processes where his inventions had to be demonstrated and his claims proven in front of not only the patent examiners but scientists like:

Dr. Eugene Antonov, Dr. Vladimir Dresyiannikov, Dr. Tibor Nagypal, Roy Azevedo, Peter Graneau, Charles Millet, Neal Graneau, Gary Johnson, Rea O’Neill, Prof. Mike Laughton, Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, Dr Keith Hindley, US military, US Patent Office experts and the Pantent Office seconded experts by whom the claims have been established. The basic Water Fuel Cell (WFC) was subjected to three years of testing. This raises the granted patents to the level of independent, critical, scientific and engineering confirmation that the devices actually perform as claimed.

Remember what Sherlock Holmes said: “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

In my blog post The Danger of Dogmatic Thinking I warned of the hubris of scientists or of anyone who thinks “inside the box of prevalent dogma”.

Since Stanley Meyer’s water disassociation process was proven (and experimentally replicated) beyond doubt then the only possible conclusion remaining is that the process is harnessing forms of energy NOT YET IDENTIFIED AND MEASURED by modern scientific methods.

You might find it easier to grasp the legitimacy of “something for nothing” with an illustration based on the use of geothermal energy to heat homes.

The Department of Energy rates geothermal heat pumps for use in heating and cooling homes based on their efficiency using electricity to extract heat from the ground or water.

This heating system uses a small amount of electricity to extract heat out of a known, inexhaustible heat source: the earth, ground water, well water and bodies of water like lakes and streams.

Heating efficiency is called COP which stands for Coefficient of Performance defined as”

    OUTPUT – heat energy in BTU’s you actually receive

Divided by
INPUT – energy you actually pay for

Virtually all hydrocarbon fuel heating systems as well as electric heating (coal or natural gas based origin) have a COP of 99% or less.
A COP of 100% is unity where energy input equals energy output.

Geothermal heat pump systems are rated by the Department of Energy with COP’s ranging from 350% to over 500%.

This excess or free energy must be considered “over unity” because the excess heat comes from an inexhaustible source: the heat sink of the earth and ground water. For the earth, the temperatures become a source of heat below approximately six feet or below the permafrost boundary.

Average temperatures at this depth will vary according to latitude, exposure to the sun, composition of the soil, and, in rare instances, the amount of geothermal activity in places like Iceland and Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park. There are dozens of hot and warm springs in different states in the United States.

OK, here is my point if you haven’t gotten it yet:
Just because scientists can’t explain anomalies in which a process outputs more energy than the known and measurable input energy doesn’t mean that the process violates the Law of The Conservation of Energy.

It means that the current scientific paradigm is flawed, inaccurate or ignorant of the other input types of energy and their source.

Any scientist who is worthy of the title, when confronted with a proven over-unity phenomenon will repeat the mantra:

“There is no such thing as OVER-UNITY, therefore there exists an unknown process that inputs undefined types of energy so that input energy = output energy.

Stanley Meyer is just one inventor who has discovered over-unity processes; see the report on kinetic heating systems.

All The Best!
David Davies


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