Historically, J.P. Morgan, the wealthy banker and industrialist, supported the research of Nikola Tesla (including his Wardencliffe project) until Tesla revealed that his intention was to harness free energy. The zero point energy that Tesla was researching would make free energy available to mankind. Companies couldn’t charge for it and the government couldn’t tax it.

Once Morgan realized the implications he cut off funding to Tesla and blackballed further research. Tesla’s discoveries were suppressed and Nikola Tesla died deeply in debt despite having invented AC electric power and a lot more.

I am no Tesla but I have noticed that research into the characteristics of atomic hydrogen has been extremely limited. You will also find that research into energy production modes that have the potential to take every home “off the grid” have been denied funding and in some cases attacked and suppressed.

The only way people can free themselves from big government and big oil is to support research into the means of producing free or low cost energy independently in homes throughout the world.

If you would like to support this research you may donate money in any amount. In return, my discoveries will be “open source” so that no billion dollar company can patent the discoveries and then deny access to the public.

Your donation will support my research and is just that, a donation not an investment, security or financial interest of any kind. If that is acceptable to you please support this research by donating any amount no matter how small. In return, I’ll share my discoveries with you and perhaps publish plans that you can download.

Thank you!
Dave Davies

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